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Packaging waste from businesses dumped on Glasgow’s streets spoils urban image. Council survey (2017) revealed that 86% Glaswegians stated GCC could do more about businesses waste management, mainly associated with bins overflowing, poor accessibility and litter generation.

DOT-TO-DOT© Community Consortium was created to co-develop creatively civic engagement, social education and health by connecting waste to design for society through eco-design, workshop/clinics and live projects in 636 Maryhill road, G207ED:

How might open civic collaborations between community, plastic waste and municipal policy makers through urban data management, co-creation and remaking activities in Glasgow? REPLASTICO© is aligned with the Scottish socio-economic sectors of Creative Industries (eco-design), Environment (waste reuse), ITC (social technologies). As service design, it is focused on user-centred interaction of plastic waste as creative material culture.

REPLASTICO© is both local plastic station and community-led waste self-management. We will deploy portable remake stations to test/pilot remaking technologies and extend the lifespan of plastics by co-creation. It will offset CO2 emissions by diverting them away from street litters/recycling centres/landfills as well as reducing the embodied-energy emissions.

REPLASTICO© from Laura Petruskeviciute on Vimeo



– Establish local waste self-management, monitoring and reuse through plastic remake stations and craft workshops, powered by tools/equipment, geo-tagged website, bin sensors.

– Educate citizens/business to reuse plastic waste generation

– Optimise back Council waste services in real-time (MyGlasgow)

– Promote co-production between local businesses, schools, creative and industry/remakers

Target groups: Maryhill residents, local businesses/frontshops, ward 16, GCC Environmental Task Force volunteers, eco-schools, municipality waste services, housing associations, street recyclers, social entrepreneurs, educators/researchers, and local stakeholders

TRASH-TO-CASH social currency: DOTS© are eco-tokens, remake exchange unit, that reward users when they collect, reuse or create with waste. Tokens can be spent/swapped on Remake Stations only as workshops, tools/equipment hire, materials or eco-products. REPLASTICO© digital development will be self-financed by membership fees, donations/crowdfunding of live projects, sponsor banners, online sales.

PHASE-1 (experiment)

WP1: REPLASTICITY©. As digital management tool, it maps, collects, sorts, monitors and plastic waste locally. This mobile-friendly website will have an interactive Google map locations (widget) to allow users to collect, monitor/track and co-create with plastic waste by uploading remake projects. It will be prototyped/tested and observed in our experimental site as real-life urban setting. Initially, we will start to create/manage groups in Instagram, Tweeter and Facebook to geo-tagged waste data and get users feedback:

WP2: REPLASTICARTS© are smart bins – citizen touchpoints- that collect, self-sort and monitor 7 categories of plastic waste (toxicity levels) and update waste report using barcodes and open source APIs. Bin sensors will identify the specific plastic, monitor/alert levels when they are approaching capacity, and display in REPLASTICITY© portal.

WP3: REMAKE STATION© is our portable plastic workshop that promotes innovative learning solutions. We will purchase waste reuse tools/equipment for plastic baling, shredding, melting/fusing, extruding, cutting, sewing, 3D-printing. We will run workshops/live projects to upskill Community to reuse/remake their own craft-made items.

WP4: REPLASTICO© is our social plastic brand that connects craft design, plastic waste and Remake network. We assist with experimental design, environmental education and creative production of reused plastic waste:

PHASE-2 city-scale in other areas of Glasgow as social licensing with a series of portable stations in partnership with GCC, GCC-LES, GHA, Stalled Spaces, Scottish Canals, eco-schools, stakeholders.

PHASE-3 regional-scale will be tested/piloted in Angus, Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Fife, North Ayrshire, and Renfrewshire; in partnership with municipalities, SFHA, SIR, ZWS, Stalled Spaces, regional/national stakeholders.



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