DOT TO DOT Testers wanted

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DOT-TO-DOT application  tester wanted


We would like to invite you to a series meeting regarding the DOT-TO-DOT project “”. These meeting will be held on a fortnightly basis. The main purpose of the initial meeting is to identify a group of people willing to act as testers of the new DOT-TO-DOT application. Don’t worry you don’t have to be technical to take part, in fact, it is probably better for our purposes if you are not a whizz kid. Also, if you do decide to you want to become a tester, you are not commenting yourself to attending ever meeting as we know that time is precious and sometimes people have other commitments.

So sign up to  be a tester of the application  please register on this site and to  view the application go to  

However, the great thing about becoming a tester is that you will also become part of the design team for the application.  As your feedback on what works and what does not work, as well as your request for new features or changes to the functionality of the application, will be noted by the development team. The team will then priorities these requests and work on them for the next scheduled meeting.

Each fortnight thereafter we will demonstrate the bug fixes, new features and functionality that has been requested by you, as well as take note of your feedback from the last release of the software.  Once the meeting is over you are then more than welcome to take part in the community activity we have arrange for that day at the DOT-TO_DOT Community Garden and Remake Station.

The meeting schedule is as follows.

Public Consultation Schedule Date  Time
Digital Design  Workshop 21/10/2017 10am
Digital Design  Workshop 04/11/2017 10am
Digital Design  Workshop 18/11/2017 10am
Digital Design  Workshop 02/12/2017 10am
Digital Design  Workshop 16/12/2017 10am
Holiday 30/12/2017 10am
Digital Design  Workshop 3/02/2018 11am




Don’t worry if you can’t make the initial meeting you are still more than welcome to take part just come along to the next meeting you are able to attend. Also, it’s totally up to you how much time you wish to dedicate to the testing. The main thing is this application is for you, designed with your help to meet the needs of the local community.