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Donation Wanted

We desperately require donations of soil for our community garden. If you could donate soil it would be greatly appreciated.
If you are able to donate soil please make a post to our facebook page, or alternatively leave your donation at the site 636 Maryhill road.
Also if anyone has wood suitable for making a raised bed, spare pots, a cold frame or a greenhouse they could donate that would also be most welcome.

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DOT TO DOT in Action

DOT TO DOT Maryhill Remake Station captured one sunny Saturday at 636 Maryhill Road. Was great to see so many people joining the activities and giving a hand in shared space improvements. It is easy to make a change if there are more hands in action!

Next Maryhill Pedal Power workshop is this Saturday !

Bike repair, maintenance & cycling tips | 7 April | 11.00-14.00

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After one year of intense production from the foundation of the editorial project until the publication of each book chapter, a wonderful book has now been released for you. It has been the result off a great collective effort led by Jieling and Francesco. Studio Pop wants to want to take this opportunity to thank them for joining this experimental design oeuvre.

The “Handbook of Research on Perception-Driven Approaches to Urban Assessment and Design” is a scholarly resource that assesses metropolitan development and its relation to the ecological and sustainability issues these areas face. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as user-centered urban planning, perception of urban landscapes, and thermal comfort in urban contexts, this publication is geared toward professionals, practitioners, researchers, and students seeking relevant research on the effective planning of metropolitan areas and their relation to the ecological and sustainability issues that face such areas.

The contribution is located in Chapter 23 titled “Reactivating Urban Voids Through Sensory and Pop-Up Design: Changing Citizen Perceptions of Remaking With Waste”. It reflects on the implementation of pop-up architecture and sensory gardens made with waste reuse in brownfields. The selected experiment DOT TO DOT© (2017 onwards) investigates waste reuse as pop-up sensory reactivation of gap sites in Glasgow. Experiments explore constructive sensibilities embedded in material sensory by interlinking tangible place-making, sensory gardens, eco-design, and self-build solutions in public spaces. Trials apply the principles of temporariness, portability, and sensory of waste as a social value and material culture in cities.

It has already registered a DOI and ISBN and published by IGI Global:…/reactivating-urban-void…/198180

Enjoy it!

Cristian Suau
Studio Pop

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DOT TO DOT is an experimental project: a temporary civic station or shelter for active citizens, remakers and ecologists that operates on a weekly basis. We deliver participatory local solutions that address local priorities and needs; increase active inclusion, and build on the assets of local communities to reduce poverty and to enable inclusive growth.

This month DOT TO DOT remakes has transformed once again the face of a rundown site into a vibrant and colourful landscape design. Basically, the teams have empty two types of aggregates to create a distinctive terrace. The result is astonished!

On behalf of the DOT TO DOT community partners and members, we want to specially thanks for the today’s effort made by Laura, Flavia, Davide, Paul, Cameron, Dave and Cristian who put their talents and hands to create a wonderful new yard for our community.

Now we are ready to accommodate the new Spring events allocated in February and March. We need you share your ideas in our open workshops, mainly focused on waste reuse and remaking culture.

We invite you to join every Saturday and also share this initiative with your social network!

DOT TO DOT community

Maryhill Station

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zen garden

Zen Garden



After much work we  managed to finish off the Zen Garden this  Saturday 21/10/17 The  pictures above act as a photo montage  of the  the work

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